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We recognise that our operation has a significant impact and want to tread as lightly as we can. We are passionate about reducing our footprint and inspiring visitors to minimise the impact of their time at Lappa Valley. We try to show that ‘going green’ does not mean compromise and visitors can rest assured that just by coming for a day out at Lappa Valley, they are helping protect the environment they are here to enjoy.

Travel & Trains

We encourage staff to use sustainable transport and at present, around 30% of our staff partake in car-sharing schemes.  Whilst at the present time we do not have an electric vehicle charging facility, it is written in our future plans to introduce and promote this. We also continue to actively promote car sharing within our team.

Part of our future plans include exploring various alternatives to ‘raw coal’ that our steam locomotives use. This includes experimenting with bio coal. We are also in the trial stage of powering the Lakeisde Railway by battery electric.

Energy, Waste & Water

Our mains electricity is supplied from renewable sources where possible.

We use low energy lightbulbs, hand dryers and measured-flow taps in our toilets.

Our toilets are flushed using harvested rain water from our buildings. The Engine Shed is heated using ground source / water source from the mineshafts on site.

90% of electricity required to run ‘The Engine Shed’ is generated using Solar Panels installed on the roof.

We use recyclable materials wherever possible and carry out onsite recycling. None of our waste goes to landfill, instead the limited general waste produced is taken to the near-by Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre. We provide non-plastic containers for take away food and drink. We only supply cold drinks in easily recyclable materials such as glass or aluminium tins.

Any new projects consider environmental needs and energy consumption and ideas on how to limit the environmental impact are welcomed.

Our future plans include further installation of solar pannels and exploring other ways of generating renewable electricity. We are also exploring other ways of reducing our energy consumption in the winter months.

Food and Drink

Where at all possible, all of our food products are sourced from local suppliers.

Our meat is provided by our local butcher and our milk is provided by a Cornish Dairy.

We work with the most ethical suppliers we can find to promote environmental sustainability.  Our food and beverage team have menus designed to avoid food waste. Any unsold food is given to staff or local food banks.


We are proud to work with experts to identify and protect our wildlife and their habitats.  Our boating lake and nature ponds are home an exciting eco-system with multiple species of fish being identified. Approximately 30 acres of Lappa Valley is unused and in 2024 was subject to the plantation of 14,000 trees.

We limit the use of herbicides and fungicides.  We endeavour to use physical repellents and barriers to deter pests.

In the last 12 months, we are pleased to have planted over 20 new trees on and around the park of native species.

How you can help

We actively encourage our visitors to help us by working together towards a greener, more sustainable attraction. Ensuring Lappa Valley is here for the future generations to enjoy can be affected by the decisions we make today.

Visitors are encouraged to travel to and from Lappa Valley in environmentally friendly ways, by car sharing or using electric vehicles. We actively enourage reycycling where ever possible and ask our visitors to consider this, when deciding which bin their waste belongs in through the use of clearly marked reycycling bins and what should be in them.

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