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Zebedee Running Weekend

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st July 2024 | Events

Your chance to ride behind Zebedee, our flagship engine

As part of our 50th birthday celebrations in June, we were pleased to welcome back Zebedee, our flagship engine to the main 15″ gauge railway after her three-year-long rebuild.

Zebedee was Lappa Valley’s first ever locomotive, designed by renowned steam engineer David Curwen and built especially for us. In fact, we have photos of “Zebs” even helping to build the railway, hauling work trucks and ballast wagons.

For a while, Zebedee was the only locomotive at Lappa Valley and generations of Lappa fans have grown up enjoying her distinctive “Whoosh-pop” noises and cute little whistle.

Zebedee shares duties with our other steam and diesel locomotives throughout the year, however we know there are many who would like to see her up-close and in steam. That’s why over the weekend of the 20th and 21st July 2024, we will be running Zebedee in regular service.

She will be running at least every 40 minutes between Benny Halt and East Wheal Rose, plus you will have the opportunity to see her up-close and see how lovingly she has been restored.

Please note, that although we will of course endeavour to run the advertised services, we reserve the right to amend or remove services of locomotives due to circumstances out of our control – for example, mechanical failure. Zebedee will be running alternate services with one of our diesel locomotives.

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