Toddlers' Path Maze
The brick path maze is based on Trevithick's railway locomotive of 1804

This brick-and-turf maze is based on Trevithick's railway locomotive of 1804. Richard Trevithick a Cornishman born in Camborne, was a mining engineer and the inventor of the high pressure steam engine. His 1804 locomotive was the first in the world to run on rails and, to the wonder of the onlookers, it successfully hauled a load of ten tons of ore over a distance of nine miles  - at the amazing speed of five miles an hour!

The maze is six times the size of Trevithick's locomotive and shows it's main mechanical elements. Ten thousand bricks were needed to make the paths which would measure nearly half a mile in length if laid out in a straight line. Starting from the path between the two wheels, the object is to reach the centre of the large flywheel where you may ring the bell to celebrate your success!

There are hidden symbols and letters in the maze: look out for the giant letters 'R' and 'T' in the path and 'L' for Lappa in the turf between.