October Locomotive Update

Find out all the latest news on Lappa Valley's locomotives
from our steam driver, Ben.

Having had great feedback from my first report, I present my October report on the locos of Lappa! Among the feedback I have received I was told It would have been nice to mention the diesels, so here is the beta version, diesels included!

Muffin is currently mid-way through its 10 yearly overhaul as explained in my last report. The boiler is currently away with our engineer in Wadebridge, the old boiler tubes have been cut out and the boiler has passed the first of many safety inspections. New boiler tubes have been ordered and these should be arriving soon. The rest of the engine will shortly follow the boiler to Wadebridge for a short while to allow reassembly to take place, complete the required safety tests and have a new coat of paint applied! We should see Muffin hauling passenger trains again in the early part of 2018.

Has been performing near faultlessly and is sharing the autumn trains with Ellie. We have recently given Zebedee a boiler washout and 30 day exam. This involves a lot of water, time and patience to remove all the scale and impurities that have built up in the boiler. We wash the steam engines boilers out every 30 steamings to maximise efficiency of the engine the lifespan of the boiler & firebox. The 30 day exam part of this is to grease and inspect all of the bearings, brake rigging, and attend to any outstanding maintenance jobs, including repacking the piston glands with graphite chord and repainting the smokebox.

Ellie has settled in well and is in use on trains sharing with Zebedee. Much like Zebedee we have recently given Ellie a washout and 30 day exam.

Ruby has now left the railway temporarily and gone back to her builders at Exmoor Steam Railway for some minor work to her 'bottom end' as explained in my last report. We expect to see Ruby back in early 2018.

City of Derby
Our lovable diesel engine City of Derby has been performing well over the past few months. Since arrival last year, we have rewired a considerable amount of the electrics and undertaken some general minor maintenance. It is planned that City of Derby will be going away in the early part of 2018 for a rebuild, both mechanically and cosmetically.

Our trusty Lister diesel engine has very much had an easy year since the arrival of City of Derby. Other than replacement of the battery earlier in the year, Arthur has performed faultlessly!

Look out for my next report! If you would like to read about anything specifically, please email me at info@lappavalley.co.uk and I'll do my best to include it.