Meet our New Steam Engine - Ruby
Lappa Valley Steam Railway Reveals New Train Name

Lappa Valley Steam Railway is celebrating 40 years of business. To commemorate this special occasion, new owners Keith and Sara Southwell assisted by competition winners Nate Jenkin, 8, and Dante Lean, 4, unveiled the new locomotive and its highly secret name, as chosen by Lappa Valley’s visitors at a special naming ceremony on Saturday, 4 July.

New owner, Keith Southwell said “We are so excited to unveil our new train and we are delighted with the new name, Ruby. The name was suggested a number of times through our Facebook page and added to our shortlist. The final decision was made by our visitors through online voting. This is a great choice as not only is the train red. we are celebrating 40 years of business too!”

The new engine will be steaming from Sunday 5 July.