Engine update

Find out all the latest news on Lappa Valley's steam engines
from our steam driver, Ben.

Ben joined Lappa Valley Steam Railway in January 2016 and is one of our wonderful steam drivers. Below Ben gives his September update on Lappa's steam engines.

Many people have been showing concern as to the present state of one of our most popular engines,  Muffin. Every ten years the steam engines have to be dismantled to have their boiler thoroughly examined and parts repaired and replaced, a bit like a service in a car but much more complex and detailed! Muffin is currently apart and undergoing this work and is likely to return to service later this year.

Zebedee steam engine, Lappa Valley Steam Railway
Having spent most of the summer rostered as the 'spare engine', Zebedee is now in use for the remainder of the school holidays and will be sharing the work in September with our newest and largest steam engine, Ellie.

Ruby has been in daily use until a rubber suspension bush collapsed rendering her out of service until the required repairs are completed. The original plan was to have Ruby in service until the end of the season and then send her away for some planned work on the 'bottom end' (cylinders, coupling rods, suspension etc). We have since taken the decision to send her away for repairs a couple of months early and expect to see her back in service later this year or very early next.

Having joined us in August, Ellie is settling into Lappa Valley work very well. She is bedding in well and there have been only one or two minor running in leaks around her joints.
Ellie is in daily use until the end of the school holidays, thereafter the daily work will be shared between Zebedee and Ellie for the remainder of the season.